A Fun server for all ages.  Please be kind and respectful to others that are playing.  If you have any questions, talk to Sicnus or one of the other Admins: ElCoronel70 or AcidBurn73.

Server Rules

Server Updated to 1.11!

Yes! New Minecraft out and we’re up-to-date. If you are interested in joining, simply hop on. Oh, guess what, you’ll need to head out 600 blocks if you want to build! We’re protecting “Spawn” for admins only. We’ll eventually build a portal / transportation for you guys out to the 600 block level. For now, you’ll have to hoof it! Enjoy! -Sicnus

Protected Chests &

Firstly, this really shouldn’t be a problem as people should respect other peoples property.  Right now, I think it’s only one person and if I have to end up banning them I will but I really don’t want to.  Anyway, the problem is protected chests…  I’ve found a video where I could spawn(ick) a command block and lock a chest for someone.  This is probably going to be the only way we can have protected chests and stay straight vanilla.

I’ll probably set some sort of cost for it… like “5 diamonds”(I’ll drop it into lava and destroy and not keep) and I’ll come and set you a protected chest once a month.  (I’m not looking to do this all the time).  I’m also not looking to use Bukkit, Spigot or any replacement server client.

Feel free to hop on our Discord server to discuss!

Server Rules have been added

Our Server rules have been added however they are slightly incomplete at the moment. I’ll make another post about them once I’ve completed. All users are expected to know and abide by said rules. is back online!

Just so you know, we’ve brought the minecraft server back up and things are cooking finally.  You will spawn @ “Admin Island”.  You’ll need to follow the path and head over to the mainland.  Good luck and have fun!