Join Us!

There are a few things you need to know before thinking of joining or becoming a part of our server.

  1. We are a family friendly server, this means, be polite and watch your language. Failure to do so can and will get you blacklisted from the server.
  2. We will have a tiered rank structure for building. Everyone will have to move up in rank and earn the right to build in featured areas.
  3. Trusted Builders will have the right to build wherever they want to. As long as they adhere to server building guidelines. This goes for everyone, including admins.
  4. More to come!

If you are still interested in joining and working on the team, please come and lurk on irc on #themes @

Once we've had a chance to talk to you, and ascertain you aren't a baddie out to do us harm, we'll get you set up and ready to start building! You may have to lurk a while, depending on if we are around or not as I'm currently the only "Admin".

As we build the team, and I get more trusted users, I'll eventually promote people to moderator. Don't ask to be promoted, it'll automatically ensure you don't get promoted.

See you there!